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If you want to improve your writing and research skills, we are providing you a platform by which you can enhance your writing skills and gain worldwide exposure.

We will provide you proper guidance in writing by our team and also provide you the resources which will help you in your legal research.

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The writers will be selected on the following basis:

  • Must have past experience in Legal writing and legal research.
  • Must have very good research skills
  • Must send a sample write-up
  • Must understand the relevance of content and how to use it to benefit readers
  • Someone who can take complex legal topics and explain them in simple English.

After reviewing your application you’ll be informed of your provided WhatsApp numbers/ email id within 2-3 Days

You will have to be a member for a minimum time period of 6 months.


Last Date to apply: 


Conditions for Becoming A Permanent Writer

1) Writers are required to write a minimum of 3 articles + 1 judgment analysis per month.
The topic of the articles will be of the writer’s choice, and the case for judgment analysis will be allotted by us.

2) Our top writers will be rewarded with a Certificate of Title every month and recognition on our social media platforms.

3) Plagiarism should not exceed 20%. The use of rephrasing tools for avoiding plagiarism is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. (Grammarly Premium can detect any type of plagiarism and paraphrasing).

4) If any of the above-said conditions are not fulfilled by the writers, they might end up losing their membership.

5) There is one more Special category 
(a) On writing 5 well-researched articles and 2 quality judgment analysis in one month, writers will be rewarded with books of their choice worth ₹500 (at the end of their 6-month tenure) + Certificate of Appreciation and recognition on our social media platforms.

7) The certificate of permanent membership will be provided only if you complete the tenure of 6 months.

8) All the writers will be listed in the about us section of our website to provide global recognition.

9) If you leave before the completion of tenure you will only be provided with the certificate of publication of your articles.

Basic Guidelines for Article writing:

  • The font: size: Title: 16, headings: 14 the main body: 12.
  • The text should be justified
  • Line Spacing (main text): 1.15
  • References: You have to mention all the sources you referred to while writing the article.
  • References should be hyperlinked
  • The structure of the article should be well constructed, i.e., must include every possible aspect of law and judicial pronouncements with regard to the title.
  • The minimum word limit for the manuscripts is between 1500 words. Authors are requested to adhere to the word limit.


Note: All articles and judgment analysis will be published only after they are approved by The Editorial Board.

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